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The McIlveen Family Law Firm is a team of experienced family law attorneys and divorce lawyers in North Carolina. Our goal is to provide support during what can be an emotional and challenging time. With decades of combined experience, our team handles all types of family law cases, including divorce, child custody, mediation, high asset divorce, alimony, property division, separation, prenuptial agreements, grandparents’ rights, domestic violence, adoption, surrogacy, and more. We also assist families with estate planning, wills, and probate matters.

Our firm has a strong reputation in the courts and with other attorneys. We have extensive experience in mediation and strive to settle cases without going to court. However, if a trial is necessary, our experienced trial lawyers are prepared to fight for the best possible outcome.

We have offices in Gastonia, Charlotte, and Raleigh, NC, and are ready to assist with family law cases, adoption, surrogacy, estate planning, and wills.

We are currently accepting new clients at McIlveen. You have the option to schedule a new client consultation in person, by phone, or through Zoom. Reach out to us today to get started.

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Are you facing a challenging family law situation? Look no further than McIlveen Family Law Firm. Our exceptional team of highly skilled family law attorneys specializes in North Carolina divorce and family law. With a deep understanding of the complexities involved, we provide personalized and compassionate support to guide you through this difficult time. When it comes to resolving legal matters that deeply impact your life, trust in our expertise and track record of delivering results. At McIlveen, we are dedicated to helping you find peace and a brighter future.

Video Education Library

Welcome to McIlveen Family Law Firm, where your family’s well-being is our top priority. With our extensive Video Education Library, we aim to provide you with valuable insights and guidance on various divorce and family law matters. Our dedicated attorneys have created a collection of informative videos, covering a wide range of topics and offering tips, advice, and answers to common questions. Gain the knowledge and understanding you need to navigate your family’s legal journey confidently. When results matter, trust McIlveen Family Law Firm.

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Intense emotions, complicated situations, unwavering support – at McIlveen Family Law Firm, we understand the challenges you face. Our dedicated team of skilled attorneys in Gastonia, Charlotte, and Raleigh, N.C., specializes in handling family law cases with care, expertise, and compassion. With a proven track record of delivering results when it matters most, we are here to guide you through every step of the process. Schedule a consultation today and let us bring peace and resolution to your family’s legal journey. When results matter, trust McIlveen Family Law Firm.

Child Support Calculator

Looking for guidance in family law matters? Look no further than McIlveen Family Law Firm. Our dedicated team of experienced attorneys is here to provide you with the comprehensive and personalized legal support you need. Whether you’re facing a child support dispute or navigating a complex divorce case, we are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for you and your family. With our Child Support Calculator, you can effortlessly calculate your child support obligations and download them in PDF format. Trust McIlveen Family Law Firm for compassionate and effective legal representation. When Results Matter.

High Net Worth Divorce

Experience the Difference with McIlveen Family Law Firm. Our team of highly skilled attorneys is dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of high net worth divorce. We understand the unique challenges that high-income couples face during this process, and we are here to provide you with the expertise and support you need. Whether it’s navigating complex financial matters, protecting your assets, or ensuring a fair settlement, our attorneys are committed to achieving results that matter to you. Trust McIlveen Family Law Firm to be your trusted advocate during this delicate time. When it comes to high net worth divorce, choose experience, choose McIlveen.

Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Are you facing the difficult journey of divorce? McIlveen Family Law Firm is here to provide you with the support and guidance you need during this overwhelming time. With our team of experienced divorce attorneys, we understand the challenges you’re facing and are committed to helping you navigate through them. Rest assured, our focus is on achieving positive outcomes for our clients. When Results Matter, trust McIlveen to be your dedicated partner on this path to a brighter future.

McIlveen Family Law Firm Client Reviews:

Recommend to anyone!

Initially, I was nervous, and I had a lot of questions. Angela answered all of my questions which allayed my anxiety. I value her calmness and professionalism most of all. I’m completely satisfied with my result, and recommend anyone who needs legal services.


Very helpful law firm!

The McIlveen Law Firm was very helpful to me. Angela made everything very easy and smooth. Whenever you are dealing with something like this in your life, you need a person that’s helpful and understanding and she was all of the above.


I was always kept up to date!

I came to Sean at the scariest time in my life. He educated me about my rights and how everything should be handled. Even if I felt uncertain about certain situations and always ended up exactly where I needed to be. There’s no other attorney I would trust.