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Rebekah Lester

Job Title

Rebekah Lester, Raleigh Divorce LawyerRebekah Lester, serving clients from our Raleigh office, stands out as a family law attorney with a unique perspective shaped by her life experiences. She is well-versed in handling diverse family law matters, including child custody, child support, alimony, domestic violence, equitable distribution, divorce, mediation, separation agreements, and adoptions. Her background, particularly her connection to the military community, offers invaluable insight into the complexities of military divorces and family law issues.

In Her Own Words: Dedication to Family Law

Rebekah's journey in family law is deeply rooted in her North Carolina upbringing and her experiences as a military spouse. Her time in Norfolk, Virginia, while her husband served in the Navy, has given her a firsthand understanding of the unique challenges faced by military families. This experience, combined with her academic achievements as a double Tarheel from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has shaped her compassionate and informed approach to family law.

Advocacy and Empathy: From UNC to the Courtroom

During her time at UNC, Rebekah's work in the Legal Clinic was profoundly impactful, earning her the Certificate of Merit for Trauma-Informed Lawyering. Her dedication to understanding and addressing the trauma associated with family law cases is a cornerstone of her practice. Rebekah's personal observations of divorce and child custody scenarios have equipped her with the empathy and expertise necessary to navigate complex family dynamics.

Restoring Order, Personalizing Solutions

Rebekah is committed to restoring order to her clients' lives, recognizing the uniqueness of each family, and tailoring her approach accordingly. Her goal is to empower her clients, exploring every possible solution, whether inside or outside the courtroom. She is a firm believer in a team-based strategy, ensuring comprehensive support for her clients.

Commitment Beyond the Office

Outside her legal practice, Rebekah's interests are as diverse as her skills. An avid reader of fantasy novels, supporter of the performing arts, creative writer, and a devoted aunt, she brings a well-rounded and relatable persona to her professional role.

Professional Memberships and Educational Excellence

Rebekah's legal acumen is further solidified by her memberships in the North Carolina State Bar and the Wake County Bar Association. Her educational background is marked by distinction: at UNC, she was not only a certified student attorney but also a recipient of the Certificate of Merit for First-Year Torts. Her involvement as a researcher and contributing author on family court responses to COVID-19 demonstrates her commitment to evolving legal challenges.

Rebekah Lester: A Blend of Military Insight and Legal Insight

Rebekah Lester's unique blend of military life experience and legal insight makes her an invaluable asset to those navigating the intricacies of family law, especially within the military community. Her empathetic approach, combined with a robust legal background, positions her as a dynamic advocate for families undergoing transitions and challenges.

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