cheating employee in north carolina

We all know that cheating is wrong.

Usually the victim of infidelity, and the culprit can both agree on that.  But what of the impact of infidelity on the workplace?  As it turns out, cheaters don’t just break hearts.  They break the bank. A recent study found that cheating results in lowered productivity on the jobs, so much so that recent studies suggest that cheating costs employers and businesses almost 17 million dollars per day!  17 million dollars? Wow!

That’s 17 million dollars saved by hiring people who are faithful to their significant others. Studies found that on average, unfaithful employees spend about one hour and 17 minutes cheating on their partners during the workday.  This can involve stealing time away from the employer to rendezvous with a paramour.  It also involves spending time online during the workday to pursue an illicit affair, talking on the phone with a companion during business hours, or sending text messages while on the clock.

The intersection of adultery and the workplace can be disastrous to a company’s bottom line.  A big reason is likely a lack of concentration to the task for which the employee is being paid.  From what I have been told, it takes a great deal of concentration and attention to cheat.  You have to be on alert.  The suspense makes it interesting.  A cheater has to jump through hurdles to shield their illicit behavior from their spouse or significant other.  This could provide a thrill or boost of energy.  That feeling may be elevated by engaging in adulterous behavior while on the job.

In any event, if a cheater is engaged in that degree of focus to things that are not work-related, job productivity likely declines quickly. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions.  Perhaps my analysis is just me putting my Psychology degree to use.  In any event, the truth is that unfaithful employees are hurting more people than the ones they cheat on.  They are costing their employers as well.  So the next time one of your employees or coworkers appears unproductive, or turns in horrible work.  It may not be their lack of understanding for the job.  They might just be cheating.

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