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Nena Mabe

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Nena MabeI am a mother of four wonderful children. I raised my children alone; financially and emotionally. I married young, thinking it would last forever, and divorced young, with three small children. I remarried in my mid-twenties; only for the marriage to end when he abandoned us. I had a son during my second marriage. My hopes and dreams of fairy tale life were over, but my strength grew to a new level. Divorced twice by my early thirties, I had four young children, no money, no job experience, and no college degree. Yet, something raged in me and the thought of failing my children was not an option. I found courage, hope, love, and determination that I could never have imagined. The road was not easy, but it was full of joy and happiness. My eldest gave me the most beautiful gift in the world: my grandchildren. I want to help others during their difficult times in their life by showing them kindness, hope, and understanding. Life has its difficulties, but the most beautiful things can unfold from the chaos.