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Giovana Pinckney

North Carolina, the McIlveen Family Law Firm, and my parents’ divorce all intertwined for me. In 2015 my parents’ divorce was finalized. My mom and I moved to NC and I took a job at McIlveen as a legal assistant. Their decision to divorce was a complete surprise to me. It left me questioning everything in my life. Who were these people, I called mom and dad my entire life? How could I not have known there were problems? I’m still working through the answers to these questions and that’s ok. 
I want people to know that we do genuinely understand our clients and what you’re going through. We want to empower you, and give you comfort by giving you control. I learned a lot as a legal assistant, and now I get to share my knowledge will new members of the firm. I literally have the best job ever!
As the Corporate Trainer at the Firm, I have the special opportunity to personally meet and get to know each new team member as he or she goes through our innovative new training program. Our values are not simply posted on the wall somewhere in our office for display. We live them every day, individually and as a firm. I love that I not only get to teach the basics of our systems and process, but I also get to teach, share, and spread our culture and values with new team members.